Since the beginning of the 20th century, experts, scientists, explorers, artists and researchers have drastically altered our views on matter, the living, Nature, health, education, work, human nature and the origins of mankind.

Our understanding of the Living lies at the source of how we behave, organize, and create. It defines the way we interact with the world and with each other; determines the humans we become and the societies we build. The latest and deepest discoveries from each of these fields provide opportunities for deep questioning, wonder, and inspiration.

GENESIS éducation focuses on sharing these discoveries.

re-Source Mornings

Resource Mornings are times dedicated to the health of an organization i.e. to inspiration, contemplation, and the opening of minds and hearts.

They are designed to complement one another within a 6 or 12 month cycle.

Every month, for three hours, members of a team will sit down to explore a given topic, discover what mankind knows about it, and ponder what is still unknown.

They create a space for interactions free of risk which inspire, broaden, and enrich our outlook. Over time, little by little, this enrichment can nourish things on the big scale of culture, relationships, climate…

By open exchanges over universal topics, Resource Mornings weave a spirit of community between the members of a team, strengthening mindsets and breathing new life into the workflow.

Re-Source moments

Inspired by Re-source Mornings, Resource Moments are gatherings taking place in the context of a larger enterprise event (seminar, dinner with partners, ...).

Re-Source Moments tackle a particular theme among the ones evoked in Re-Source Mornings in a format adapted to the event. Re-Source Moments enable participants to meet in an unusual way, opening up a space for true sharing that is not soon forgotten.

Re-Source Days

Many top executives and entrepreneurs confessed to us their need for a quiet environment in which to ponder, slow down from the busy-ness, and breathe, while still opening their minds and staying connected to the discoveries and evolution of the world.

We had already been working with them for several years to help them improve their insight, their presence and their creativity when we began building deep relationships with researchers, scientists, philosophers, entrepreneurs and artists.

We then developed a particular method to help these executives get back to the sources in order to find insight. From time to time, a full-day introspective break can provide clarity, inspiration and energy.

GENESIS éducation offers its services to the association LE PHARE – Lighthouse for the spreading of this knowledge.
Feel free to contact us if you want to support this action.


Le Phare - lighthouse
A house for arts of being and Wisdom culture in the heart of Paris.